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The True Cost of Content Creation

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If you’re looking for a way to cut costs and improve ROI, you may want to look at your internal content creation costs.

Most organizations spend more on internal content creation than external content creation, and don’t even realize it!

According to a recent study from Sirius Decisions, the average internal costs for B2B sales enablement content creation are significantly higher than external costs.

It goes without saying that these internally-developed materials still need to be created, but opportunity costs on unused or improperly-targeted marketing materials are extremely high—more than $2 million per year in some cases—so it pays to know what works, what doesn’t, and why.

If you’re evaluating sales enablement platforms, you’re on the right track to being able to determine your organization’s soft costs as they pertain to internal content. Implementing the right sales enablement platform is one of the more straightforward and effective ways determine the true costs of your content because it can close the loop across marketing, sales, and your customers.

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