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Sales Quota Impact Study

Increase Sales Quota Performance 11% with Sales Enablement

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Sales Enablement practitioners share a common goal—they want to equip their sellers with modern sales enablement software to boost sales productivity.

Of course, we’d like to believe that’s exactly what our product enables them to do. But at Highspot we aren’t satisfied with qualitative feedback that sounds compelling. Because it’s our business to measure sales and marketing impact with metrics, we also felt it necessary to validate this belief with usage analytics from Highspot.

To do this, we analyzed usage data from our own customer base to understand how sales activity drives quota performance, and to what extent.

Here’s what the numbers told us: Sales reps that consistently use Highspot to find and pitch content were able to improve sales quota performance by 11% compared to less frequent and inconsistent users.

The details behind this finding are summarized in this brief.

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