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SiriusDecisions Planning Assumptions 2019

Sales Enablement Research and Action Items

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Now is the perfect time to reflect on your sales enablement initiatives and plan for the future. Though it can be difficult to make time in your busy schedule to take stock of new sales enablement best practices and technology, it's vital to keep up with modern buyers' rising expectations.

After researching the latest trends and best practices, SiriusDecisions identified six planning assumptions that should drive the agenda of every sales enablement leader in 2019. The report provides information on the latest trends and actionable takeaways for the following topics:

  • Ongoing Learning and Development
  • Sales Onboarding
  • Talent Acquisition Support
  • Sales Asset Management
  • Sales Communications
  • Sales Enablement Functional Design and Development

B2B sales enablement leaders that work toward a future in which sales reps always have what they need to confidently engage buyers in meaningful conversations will be well-prepared to win in the year ahead and beyond.

Download the Sales Enablement: Planning Assumptions 2019 report today for research, recommendations, and inspiration on how to level up your sales enablement strategy in 2019.

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