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In today’s difficult sales environment, businesses are eager to drive consistent sales productivity and predictable revenue, and sellers are facing pressure to consistently deliver.

The ninth annual State of Sales Enablement Report surveyed more than 200 sales and enablement professionals to highlight how organizations can deliver consistent sales productivity through sales enablement.

In this report, learn how to:

  • Accelerate Sales Velocity by Enhancing Rep and Buyer Confidence: By providing contextual guidance for specific selling scenarios and enabling buyers with the most relevant resources, enablement can ensure reps are well equipped to meet the needs of today’s buyers and expedite sales cycles.
  • Drive Consistent Rep Performance by Reinforcing Key Sales Behaviors: Ongoing, data-driven training and coaching can help managers understand the winning behaviors to coach to and help reps feel empowered to improve their performance.
  • Improve Sales Productivity With Data-driven Enablement: By surfacing insights that highlight effective enablement strategies, organizations can foster better alignment across go-to-market teams on the activities that impact business results.

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