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With the rollercoaster year that was 2020, enablement teams had to quickly adapt to new market trends and shifts in sales strategy and process.

With some of the uncertainty carrying into 2021, leaders at high-growth organizations are capitalizing on the momentum of sales enablement’s strategic impact to build and expand those teams.

Join this dynamic panel, moderated by TOPO’s Dan Gottlieb, featuring Enablement leaders from Brainshark, Corporate Visions, and Highspot, on Wednesday March 10th @ 11 am PST to learn why sales enablement’s challenges and opportunities are stronger than ever, including:

  • Nearly 73% of high-growth organizations have a dedicated sales enablement function with a majority reporting directly to sales
  • Recognizing the impact of sales enablement on sales reps’ success, the ratio of sellers to enablement roles changed from 30:1 to 20:1
  • Despite economic uncertainty, 46% of companies recognize the importance of sales enablement and plan to grow their teams in the next six months

Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Time: 11am PT / 2pm ET

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Guest Moderator

Dan Gottlieb.jpg

Dan Gottlieb | Director Analyst in the Gartner for Sales Practice


  • Jake Braly
    Beverlie Heyman

    Director of Strategic Sales Enablement

  • Alex Dumke
    Tim Riesterer

    Chief Strategy Officer
    Corporate Visions

  • Steve Hallowell

    VP, Strategic Services